First impressions are everything

*First and foremost, respect given earns respect returned. Crude language, explicit emails and rude behavior will not be tolerated, responded to, and will earn you a permanent place on my bad side. You don't want to end up there.


*Please take the time to read over my website. I've taken the time to build it to give you not only a glance at who I am and what I offer, but the necessary information for booking your time with me. 


*Screening is non-negotiable. Safety and security are crucial in providing an open, comfortable atmosphere during our first meeting.  I'm happy to discuss potential alternative screening methods, but I reserve the right to turn down dates with new friends if minimum screening needs are not met.


*Our time is important to me! I strive to connect with you as thoroughly and as deeply as our time allows, so dealing with the necessary evils as quickly and smoothly as possible is a must:

      - New friends, please have your ID ready for a quick check.

      - Please have my consideration inside a envelope, placed within view, if we are in private or tucked inside a       good book or even a thoughtful card or present if we are meeting in public. 


*I have absolutely no problem providing references for friends I've seen within the last 12 months. Please make sure to shoot me a quick email should you like to use me as a reference, that way I know I'm clear to confirm your details.


*Presents are never required, but always appreciated with gratitude. Information on my favorite clothing, perfumes, books can be found HERE, as well as my measurements for those of you who wish to surprise me with something new to wear. Book, show and movie recommendations are also always welcome!


*If you enjoyed our time together, and would like to write a review of the experience to share with the world, please shoot me an email first to let me know! 


(One or more of the following)

*RS2K (

*P411 (www.preferred411) with 2+ Recent Oks

*Date-Check ( with 1+ recent Recommendations

*TER Whitelist ( with 6+ WL in last 6 months

*References (emails, websites and/or links to ads on major sites)




I absolutely love extended engagements (all the more time to get to know you)! I do require that we have had at least one meeting before engaging in an overnight. Ample time for sleep and dining are also a requirement (a lady has to keep her energy up!), along with a 50% deposit to reserve our time.