Who is Inara Lorde?

Who is Inara Lorde?

Introductions are in order...

Geeky. Chic. Tomboy. Femme. Athlete. Erudite. Kinky. Girl Next Door. Unlike anyone you've ever met.

My name is Inara Lorde, and I am a little bit of everything you've ever wanted (if I do say so myself).

I am a bubbly, brilliant, spunky girl born and raised in Chicago. I am slender, fit, and tall at a petite and defined 115 lbs and a 5'9" stature. I am a unique mix of Latina, African, Native American, and European ancestry. My interests and desires are as varied as my heritage; you will find me comfortably switching between talk of politics, to the latest Daredevil comic, to string theory, to MMA, never missing a beat. I have modeled since I was 17, and trained in Krav Maga and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for a little under a year now. I am my own chiaroscuro, a play on light and dark, melding into one mysterious yet captivating work of art, embracing the best things that life has to offer me. I believe that a little sweat on my brow is just as sexy as a swipe of highlighter. I am a vivacious, enigmatic, manic-pixie-dream-girl-like entity, with a thirst for life and new experiences with new people. You will come to find that my joie de vivre is palpable, and impossible to ignore (and that you just might pick up a beautiful little spark of inspiration because of it!). 

My personality is always warm and open, and as a seeker of knowledge and authentic connections, challenging me to a tussle of the minds is equally as deliciously exciting to me as a roll on the mats (or sheets...)! I adore deep intellectual conversation, ranging from the philosophical to the more tangible and carnal. I adore being your intellectually stimulating confidante, your visually enticing exotic paramour, and vibrantly sweet different-but-oh-so-familiar Midwestern girl-next-door.

I'M INARA LORDE, YOUR personal muse, exotic Inamorata, and Modern Chicago girl-next-door.